There are a number of reasons why dental procedures are so expensive. First, services are performed by trained professionals. Dentists are doctors who go through many years of college, dental school and specialized (read: expensive) training. Like many other professionals — lawyers, accountants, expert mechanics — dental services are priced accordingly.
The big boys, of course, play with big toys. The tools on hand at a general dentistry practice include highly specialized equipment that is not only pricey to purchase, but also to maintain. Film X-ray machines cost upwards of €20,000, and newer digital models go for €10,000 to €15,000 more. A simple dental chair with the necessary light, trays and hookups, meanwhile, costs about €20,000. This, of course, doesn’t take into account the costs of surgical tools, as well as the anaesthesia and other medications used in procedures such as root canals and filings. Additionally, dentists often turn to third-party labs and other dental product companies for things like crowns and Dentures, which can also drive up the costs of certain procedures.

If the thought of all of this has you reaching for your toothbrush and floss, read on to learn about options for managing your dental costs.

Ways to Cut Dental Procedure Costs

For those who’d rather not spend an arm and a leg to keep their teeth healthy, there are a few ways to cut dental costs. The most popular is dental insurance, which is similar to general insurance and offers options like traditional indemnity plans, as well as preferred provider and health maintenance plans. Most policies pay for preventive care like checkups but cover only a portion of higher-cost procedures like root canals and orthodontic work. If you’re considering dental insurance, you should clarify the procedures covered and determine whether your current dentist (if you have one) accepts the insurance.

Examples of some dental insurance include:
1. VHI
2. D-Care
3. Laya
Certain dental costs can be paid for through a flexible Finance or Payment schemes, We offer different payment plans depending on work needed and we can also provide Finance through flexi-fi Finance. Just phone us on 0906475387 and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Finally, there are no better weapons in the fight against exorbitant dental costs than your toothbrush, floss and regular professional cleanings. Brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque buildup and cavities, and other problems that do arise can be nipped in the bud at your cleanings.