The following fees are subject to change depending on complexity of treatment.

Examination Price
(Including detailed examination of your teeth, a full periodontal assessment, mouth cancer check, treatment plan and costings)
Adults €40
Children (up to 16) €30
Prescription Charge €30
X-RAYS Price
Small (advanced digital) €15
Large (full jaw OPG) €50
Hygeinist Services Price
Routine Scale & Polish (Same price with Dentist) €60
Treatment of Periodontal (gum) disease (Per Quadrant) €80
Stain Removal/AirFlow Treatment €30
Children Scale and Polish (under 16) €30
Orthodontic Patient 4/12 recalls €50
Fillings Price
Amalgalm (Silver) Fillings
Small €75
Large €110
Composite (White) Fillings
Small €85
Large €130
Crowns, Bridges and Veneers (Per Unit) Price
Porcelain Crowns From €690
Composite Veneers From €300
Post and Core €150
Bridge (Per Unit) From €690
Porcelain Veneer €690
Dentures Price
Partial Acrylic (Plastic) Dentures from €375
Full Acrylic Upper or Lower Denture from €500
Full Acrylic Upper & Lower Dentures Together from €950
Metal/Chrome Dentures from €1200
Whitening Price
Professional Home Whitening €250
Night Guard/Mouth Guard/Gum Shield From €150
Root Canal Treatment Price
Single Root €350
Pre molar €500
Molar From €600
(These depend on the type of the tooth and the number of canals in the tooth. An exact cost can be given an assessment)
Extractions Price
Routine Extractions from €85 – €150
Complex Extractions from €250 – €350
Wisdom Teeth Extractions and Complicated Extractions Requiring Advanced Surgery Price as Quoted per Individual Case
Dental Implants (Single Implant) From €2000
Children’s Treatments Price
Kids routine exam €30
Scale & Polish €30
Fissure sealants €35 (each)
Tooth extraction (small/large) €40/80
Fillings (white/silver) €60/90
Orthodontics Price
Orthodontic Spacing Extraction €120
Frenectomy  €300
Single Arch Metal Braces  €1800
 Upper and Lower Arch Metal Braces €3000
 Ceramic Braces single arch  €2100
 Ceramic Braces  both arches  €3500
 Invisalign Full  €4300
 Invisalign lite  €2000

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