Thank you, you’re the best! Before I went for the free consultation, I couldn’t even say the word “dentist” without breaking out in a sweat, never mind actually talking to one! My teeth were so bad and it was ruining my life. I couldn’t smile, I hated going out or meeting people, I really needed lots of help and looking after but everyone there was so kind and considerate, from the expert dentists to the nurses and the staff on the front desk. You’re all amazing! I can actually smile again and I’m like a new person. I couldn’t have asked for better care.
To anyone reading this, sitting on the fence, maybe you’re nervous or scared like I was, don’t be. I was worried there was nothing they could do but I got 8 veneers and some hygienist appointments and now I’ve got a nice smile! And I hardly felt a thing. Go and talk to Dr Hussain. The man’s amazing. You can trust him. He can help you!
Thanks again, guys. You all do an amazing job.