Tasty Alternatives To Banned Foods



HAVING BRACES IS OFTEN a necessity in order to get an aligned smile or a correct bite, but they do put limitations on which foods an orthodontic patient can eat. Luckily, we’re here to offer you some braces-friendly alternatives to your favorite items on the banned foods list!
Why Are Some Foods Banned?

Your braces are doing the important work of shifting your teeth into their proper positions so that you can have the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve, but certain foods put too much strain on the wires and brackets, which is why they’re on the banned foods list. Foods that are hard, crunchy, or sticky such as apples, popcorn, and gum are major problems for braces. And these foods don’t just risk busted wires and brackets; they’re also make brushing and flossing a major hassle and sometimes lead to stains that remain after the braces are off.

A Few Tasty Alternatives

  1. Caramel pudding instead of caramel. Sticky foods like gum and caramel should be avoided because they can get stuck in between brackets and could pull one loose if they get too stuck, but caramel pudding gets you all the great taste with none of the risky stickiness!
  2. Puffcorn instead of popcorn. The hulls of popcorn get stuck in our teeth even without braces, but they can be a real problem for braces when they get stuck in between the wires and between teeth. Puffcorn tastes like popcorn without the hulls!
  3. Pita bread instead of tortilla chips. Like popcorn, tortilla chips and most crunchy foods easily get stuck between brackets and wires and can potentially break a bracket loose. Pita bread is a great soft alternative that still gives you a way to use your favorite dips!
  4. Cut corn and apple slices. The shape of apples and corn on the cob makes it impossible to eat them with braces, but you can get around this by cutting the kernels off the cob and slicing your apples before you eat them!
  5. Clear drinks in place of colas and coffee. Soda and coffee puts our teeth at serious risk of developing stains around the braces brackets, and their high sugar content makes the bacteria in our mouths go wild. You can avoid the staining and tooth decay risks if you opt for clear and sugar-free beverages. There’s even clear coffee now!


Damaged Brackets? Come See Us!

Sometimes, even when you steer clear of banned foods, you still end up with a broken bracket or wire. When that happens, make sure to call us and schedule an appointment to get that fixed so your braces can continue doing their job straightening your smile. In the mean time, why not try some apple slices dipped in caramel pudding?

Enjoy your braces-friendly treats!